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Vivian Shapiro - Singapore trip diary
I arrived in Singapore Feb. 19 2001, 3 pm, to spend 3 nites before travelling on to Bali. As I flew from New York City, my travel time was approx. 26 hours with a small layover in Taipei. I flew China Airlines and found them satisfactory with the exception of my luggage arriving after I did. ..... Read it now !

  Coron - Palawan, Philippines wrecks diving
We did a total of 7 different wrecks over a period of 3 days plus a spectacular and crazy dive at the Barracuda lake. First dive was on the Irako and it was a sight to behold. The wreck was real huge and covered all over with corals, sponges and marine life. Visibility was in the 8 to 10 metres range at the bottom, better visibility was ... 
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  Dive Sites of Pulau Dayang
Pulau Dayang is a favourite diving spot with Singaporean.
....Surface and underwater current during low tide, steep rocky boulders formation, depth - 14 to 48m; average - 18m, visibility range from 10 to 20m; average - 12m. NW to NE corner offer good diving and has steeper wall ,Batfish, Napoleon wrasse, large grouper....
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